A song with heart
[2013] A song I made for our 2013 Global Game Jam game. The theme of the contest was the heart, therefore the constant beat :)


[2009] Yet another melancholic song. It’s divided in two parts, the first one sad and the second one a bit more peaceful, following my mood as I was writing them.  I’m quite proud of this one, specially the first part. The song is called 16 after a very special day, which I was remembering some months later (also on the 16th), after all ended.


[2009] This one represents my first attempt at playing the electric guitar. Being a beginning (and very lousy) guitar player with a crappy USB guitar it sounded quite bad, so the guitar track is heavily processed in order to keep it in tune and remove the noise. It was fun :-). Despite the numeric title it has nothing to do with “16”.


[2007] Phenethylamine, similarly to amphetamine, acts as a releasing agent of norepinephrine and dopamine. For this reason, it has been called the “body’s endogenous amphetamine”. It is said to play a big part in the chain of chemical reactions we know as “falling in love”.

Syltia (cover by stage7)

[2006] A cover by stage7 of the Jarre-esque theme I made for Syltia, a 4K intro presented at Breakpoint 2006. It sounds much better than the original 4k-synth version. This cover was presented to the HQ compo at BCN Party 2006 as a coop :-)


[2005] SNAFU (which stands for “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”) is a slow, electronic song. I somehow managed to make a song back in 2005 which (to my ears) sounds better than many things I did (and still do) later.

Just did it

[2005] Just a fast-made song for the BCNParty 2005 competition.

Tiempo perdido

[2004] Tiempo perdido (“wasted time” in Spanish) is one of my first “serious” songs. It is here mostly so you can see the evolution of my music along the years :-p.